Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kitchen design

Traditionally, the kitchen was used to cook while families and friends gathered in the living room. The 50’s modern design did a touch up on the kitchen. It opened the kitchen to a much more festive place to hang out. Not only housewives discovered new kitchen designs that conveniently organize items per compartments, but the kitchen became a place that resonated with freedom and allowed to express an identity.

When I select elements for my kitchen, I consider always comfort and necessity in pair with charm, elegance and originality. How would I cook in a gloomy place?! The kitchen is a place that needs to express beauty, made attractive through colors, patterns and object selection. With all this care, no wander that the kitchen is now a place where my roommates and I hang out much more than in our living room! Cooking is a social activity and my kitchen needs to reflect that my friends and family are welcome to share the cooking. In my kitchen, I keep needing more counter space. A great Kitchen Designer is fundamental in helping you discover the right balance between open, counter and common space area.

Forms, proportions, colors all contribute to the kitchen experience. Chairs need to be able to disappear quickly so that I can navigate freely! I wish I could vary the light in making it soft around the dining table area and crisp on the kitchen counter. In sum, good kitchen design is key for transgressing the traditional kitchen into a shared space for creative and collaborative cooking discussions!

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